Mini Workshop Package

Mini Workshop Package

Your organization can PURCHASE the Grow Yourself Mini Workshop Package of 10 videos to help set your employees up for health & wellness success!

In a format that works with your live or virtual facilitator and either live participants, remote/virtual participants, or a combination of both—the experiential learning of these 30- to 45-minute video mini workshops will help your employees work through 10 topics that will contribute to their health and wellness. If your organization is in the Orlando area, Coach Terry is also available as a live facilitator.

These videos are appropriate for a “Lunch and Learn” series or training hour format. The 10 videos would even work in a 2-day retreat format. When you PURCHASE and download the complete video package, which includes a digital Facilitator Handbook and digital Participant Workbooks, you will receive the following 10 videos:

Mini Workshop #1: Stress? Less? Yes!

Join us to talk about what is stressing you out: whether during the pandemic, working remotely, or having children learning from home--also learn ways to help yourself cope in any sort of stressful situation.

Mini Workshop #2: “Motivation” Is an Inside Job

"Motivation" is a fickle feeling. When we depend on it for the really important stuff in life--like exercising and proper eating for our health--we're on some shaky ground. Join us and take a peek at some more reliable options.

Mini Workshop #3: Fried to Fabulous

Fried and processed foods wear many disguises—none of which look good on any of us. We’ll talk about how meal planning helps us stay within our budget, eat more delicious and healthy foods, and not outgrow our closet. [Recipes, too!] “Another ho-hum fast food fried feast from drive through?”

Mini Workshop #4: Brain Drain

Working from home isn’t all unicorns and rainbows—even if you can work in your bunny slippers—you are Always. At. Work. When do you unwind? Will the Zoom calls never end?? In this workshop, we’ll look at boundary-setting (with everybody) and self-care to cope with mental fatigue. You’re worth it.

Mini Workshop #5: Help! I’m on the Sugar Roller Coaster!

Does sugar keep calling your name? Do you keep answering? This workshop helps set you up for success by helping you understand your cravings and walking you through seven steps to help you kick your sugar habit to the curb.

Mini Workshop #6: Anxiety Is a Sly Dog

We know the world will never be the same once we can go back outside, but what will it be like? We don’t know. No one knows. No one has answers right now. Uncertainty reigns. Even without a pandemic, uncertainty reigned in our world. How do we cope?

Mini Workshop #7: Clear the Clutter!

When you buy a new car, do you keep the old one? Usually not. We get rid of the old to make room for the new. This video will set you up for success by getting rid of what’s old--physical, mental, and spiritual—to make room for a new you to move forward.

Mini Workshop #8: Energy! Drain or Attain? You Choose!

We all have certain foods, activities, or attitudes that either drains or builds up our energy—and it’s important to know which are which. Now’s the time to eliminate what drains our life energy and become ENERGIZED!”

Mini Workshop #9: Respecting Ravens and Roundness

If you want to build healthy habits around food, the food you eat is only part of the equation. There are a few other things your body is trying to communicate to you. This workshop will help you learn to listen up.

Mini Workshop #10: The Gift of Balance

Achieving life balance requires life change—until we are AWARE something needs changing, we can’t PREPARE and take ACTION for change. This workshop will help you attain a new awareness of what areas of your life are and are not in balance—and how your personal strengths can help or hinder you in preparing for the right actions to take to attain life balance.

PURCHASE the complete Grow Yourself Mini Workshops Package.

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