Dr TC: I just wanted to thank you for the extensive and thorough review and edit of my dissertation. You have helped me evolve this critical topic into something that brought a smile on my face – not only because it is 200% better, but because I want this dissertation to add to the body of knowledge and be taken very seriously! I am just really excited and feel you have brought me new motivation and excitement! Thanks again for all that you have provided and given to me! My passion runs deep for this [topic].

-L.W., Florida

Dr TC: From the Heart—Thank you is not enough to express to you, but all that you have done is much appreciated. Dr. TC, if I had met you at the inception of my doctoral program, I know without a doubt that I would have completed my doctoral study by now. Although I have built a strong working relationship with my doctoral Chair, she has not guided me even a ¼% of what you have instructed me to do. I am still confident that moving forward my doctoral study will be vastly improved (thanks to your expert knowledge and service). I have placed some serious prayer to the God of Israel to send me help. I, therefore, do not take the services that you have provided to me for granted. God has heard my plea and has answered my prayer to send me someone who can assist me in my doctoral journey and he sent Dr TC. I could not have done an excellent job as you have.

--C.W., Florida

It was my delight to have the mentoring prowess of Czigan Family Counseling by my side as I worked through my dissertation. I found the coaching expertise of Terry Czigan indispensable while engaging the various stages along this protracted academic journey. Her proficiency in document development, aptitude in computer software, and talent in coaching clients to work from their strengths all converged to enhance my productivity; allowing me to meet my goals on schedule as a doctoral candidate. Truly coaching is Terry’s gift and she is a leader/pastor among the ranks of academics and professionals.

-B. N. M., Georgia

As I began to coach leaders in my ministry, I realized I needed a professional coach to both assist me in reaching my goals, such as working more strategically and focusing on my strengths, and provide a model for me of good coaching. Terry Czigan exceeded my expectations in both areas. I look forward to continuing with her on a more intense level.

-H.C., Florida

I met Dr. Czigan through a networking event at a local professional group meeting and it was instant appeal. I knew immediately, through her genuine, charismatic approach to business, that I wanted to partner with her somehow. Shortly into our conversation, I discovered that her area of expertise was coaching and counseling, and as Director of Training & Development for a mid-sized corporation headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, I knew that there would be opportunities to work together.

Within a few weeks, we were under contract to conduct a 12-week coaching program for my company's District Managers. As part of the agreement, I would not only manage the program internally, and act as liaison/point for the company, but I would also personally participate in weekly coaching sessions with Dr. Czigan. After just the first session, the participants (including me) knew this would be a rewarding experience, and beneficial toward our professional development. Dr. Czigan was reliable and prompt on every call, and she was intuitive, thorough, and sensitive. We all knew that the substance of our conversations would be completely confidential, yet as Program Manager, I also knew that I would be collecting valuable data for our executive team.

Dr. Czigan used effective questioning techniques and through her probing sincerity, was able to draw out personal and professional concerns of this management team. There were weekly, follow-up exercises for which she held all participants accountable. The project culminated with a formal, detailed, analytical report that provided valuable insight into the SWOTs and challenges facing this group of seasoned managers. Overall, this was a profitable, productive, and pleasant experience for everyone involved, and I would not hesitate to retain Dr. Czigan's services again, if given the opportunity. She is very talented and I highly recommend her.

-P.B., Florida

The coaching I received from Terry Czigan was fantastic. It helped me grow both personally and professionally with a better understanding on how to 'lead from the middle'. Through Terry's guidance, I was able to help lead our company in creating a communications program to help promote our company's Mission Statement in each of our locations. I have found that I have deeper, more mutually enriching relationship with other leaders who participated in Terry's teachings. I am very thankful for what I learned and am confident that others will enjoy the process as much as I.

- C.B., Florida