Steps to Transform Your Weight Comparison Sheet

Personal Comparison Fact Sheet
Most “Off-the-Shelf” Diets Steps to Transform Your Weight
I’m on nearly the same diet as everyone else that bought this book/video/subscription This Program is tailored to me and my needs
I’m getting a short term “fix” for short-term weight loss I’m working with my personal Coach to develop a vision for lifetime weight management
My mindset is deprivation My mindset is foods that give me energy
I follow a strict list of foods that are “allowed” I enjoy mindful eating of a wide range of healthy foods
I do what the diet plan says I’m learning to listen to my body’s signals around food and movement
My eating patterns are difficult to sustain My eating patterns honor my body’s hunger and fullness levels
I think to myself: There’s always another “diet” I think to myself: I’m developing a healthy lifestyle that lasts
I set myself up for failure with unrealistic goals fueled by unrealistic habits I set myself up for success with realistic goals fueled by lasting habit change
I can’t wait to stop—to get “off”—this diet I am practicing healthy nutrition habit changes that will last me for life
I focus on the food, the numbers, and the rules I focus on life balance to help me manage my stress and my weight
I feel bad if the numbers on the scale don’t go down at the weigh-in meetings I am learning how to move myself forward in a positive way to get off a weight-loss plateau
Food is the enemy of my body and weight I am building a healthy relationship between my body and food
I have a negative body image based on a number I have a positive body image based on my truth


Steps to Transform Your Weight Comparison Fact Sheet
A comparison of "off-the-shelf" diets to the Steps to Transform Your Weight Program

This fact sheet compares the "diet" mindset to the lifestyle change mindset developed through the Steps to Transform Your Weight 90-Day Program