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Mini Workshop Video Package

Download of entire 10-Workshop video package includes:
Ten 30- to 40-minute workshop videos suitable for Lunch-and-Learn or training sessions

  1. Stress? Less? Yes!
  2. “Motivation” Is an Inside Job
  3. Fried to Fabulous
  4. Brain Drain
  5. Help! I’m on the Sugar Roller Coaster!
  6. Anxiety Is a Sly Dog
  7. Clear the Clutter!
  8. Energy! Drain or Attain? You Choose!
  9. Respecting Ravens and Roundness
  10. The Gift of Balance


10 Workshop Videos
Printable digital Participant Workbook that includes handouts for every workshop
Printable digital Facilitator transcript for the entire workshop package 
Participant experiential activity during every workshop

Videos suitable for live, virtual, or hybrid sessions

If your organization is in the Orlando area, you can engage Coach Terry to be your Facilitator

Business Mini Workshop Series One

$885.00 - $1,385.00

Non-profit, Religious, Government - Workshop Series One

$789.00 - $1,289.00