Grow Yourself Mini Workshop Video Package


Ten thirty-minute workshops delivered virtually, in person, or hybrid—you’re in charge!

#1—Stress? Less? Yes!   #2—“Motivation” Is an Inside Job   #3—Fried to Fabulous!

#4—Brain Drain   #5—Help! I’m on the Sugar Roller Coaster!

#6—Anxiety Is a Sly Dog   #7—Clear Out the Clutter!   #8—Energy! Drain or Attain? You Choose!

#9—Respecting Ravens and Roundness  #10 —The Gift of Balance


Steps to Transform Your Weight 90-Day Program

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Monday & Friday Desktop Destress Zoom Sessions

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Thirty-Day Jump Start Special

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STOP The Sugar! Workshop

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Life Balance Workshop

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Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Coach Terry specializes in empowering you, the client, to decide on a series of small steps to take that can lead to significant results in managing weight and implementing a healthy nutrition lifestyle. You will partner with Coach Terry to move your life to the next level as you seek your best self.

Coaching assumes that YOU, the client, are inventive, effective, resourceful, and strong. Moving to the next level in any area of your life can be facilitated by powerful questions, goal-setting, and accountability. Coach Terry would like to help you achieve your goals through phone coaching in one of the following two areas.

Weight Management

Your satisfaction with what you see in the mirror every day can affect your life in many ways. If you are dissatisfied with that image, you may be considering making some changes to your weight—either up or down.

Weight management takes in elements of your sleep, your movement,  your levels of stress, and, of course, the fuel that you take in to energize your body. 

As we meet together, we will consider how all of these elements work together—or maybe don’t work together!—in your life. Then we will discuss what small changes you decide you could make each week to move closer towards your goal. Remember, small hinges move big doors! You are in the driver’s seat and I will be alongside to help you make the journey.

Healthy Nutrition Lifestyle

Just as fuel helps you arrive at a destination in your car, the fuel of healthy nutrition helps you achieve your weight management and healthy lifestyle goals. Coach Terry will help you consider different types of nutrition lifestyles to enable you to decide what works best for you. Remember, it’s all about you and Seeking Your Best Self!



What is Coaching?

Is Coaching the Same as Pastoral Counseling or Therapy?

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