Personal Message

I’ve been where many of my clients have been—my body fat percentage has been into the obese range, which required me to make a lot of changes in how I ate, what I ate, how I moved—really, how I did almost everything—and I didn’t make it work on the first try, either, let me tell you. I understand the painful journey of changing habits that have been part of our lives—sometimes since childhood. Coaching isn’t about judgement, it’s about empowering clients to make new decisions and gradually bring health and wellness into their lives to make lasting changes—no matter what their age.

I coach people towards achieving personal transformation in two ways.

First, I work with clients one-on-one: either for individual coaching centered on weight management and healthy nutrition—and whatever is getting in the way of those—or for my personalized 90-day program, “Steps to Transform Your Weight,” which clients may repeat for continuing benefits.

Second, I work with clients in group coaching workshops on topics such as life balance, wellness, and weight loss roadblocks; these workshops usually open the door to individual coaching.


To be guided at all times by the example of Jesus Christ in every interaction with clients, business associates, colleagues, and each other so that everyone is treated with the dignity and respect bestowed on all of us through our Creator’s Hand.


To facilitate each client’s ability to:

  • Set goals to seek his or her best self through incremental habit change
  • Look at his or her life from a new perspective to see new solutions
  • Incorporate healthy weight management and nutrition as part of his or her lifestyle

All within the context of the resourcefulness our Creator has given each of us.

Terry K Czigan, PhD
[email protected]