By combining award-winning leadership competencies, thought content from the industry's best leadership gurus, and personal evaluation, leadership development coaching can help you hit the ground running as you establish goals to move to the next level, improve performance, and establish your road to success. Also visit: http://trailblazingmiddlemanagers.blogspot.com

Dissertation Coaching

Your school tells you how to write and format it—but once classes are over, who helps you adapt to this next free-form phase on your doctoral journey? Your own private coach can help you achieve your personal milestones toward graduation. Also, having an editor's eye can add just the right polish to your work and make sure you've followed APA guidelines.

Entrepreneuer Experience

You want to get the most out of life and your business. Ideally they work together so that YOU, the entrepreneur, can keep your sanity and survive the journey into the future! But with the goal: A Successful Business That Does Not Kill Me! This virtual class may be just what you need...now!

Clergy Coaching

Pastor, Father, Sister, Reverend, Rabbi: everyone looks to you—the “buck” stops at your desk. Where do you go to brainstorm new ideas, set personal goals, consider the next level for your career and life? Clergy coaching may start a new life journey for you.